"Miami’s movers are innovating" Fast Company "This conference was definitely a step above the others" Miami Herald
Calling all web developers, designers & entrepreneurs.
Miami • March 13th & 14th, 2020

What is SuperConf?

SUPERCONF is a conference for makers! The designers, developers and entrepreneurs molding our future. Hosted in sunny Miami (Wynwood to be exact). It's an intimate conference with only 250 tickets, so you'll get a chance to meet everyone; attendees, speakers, founders, and more.

On day one, we open the floor for lightning talks from the community in the morning - then in the afternoon, you'll see founders launch their company for the first time for a chance to win up to $10k in cash + $10k in prizes. We've been fortunate to have founders of companies like CodeSchool, TBH & ShoeFitr pitch at SuperConf. We have a panel of judges decide who takes home the prize, but the audience votes as well.

On day two, you learn from the people who have forged their own path forward; either as developers, designers or even founders on what it takes to bring your craft to the next level.


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Agenda Overview:

Day 1

Lightning Talks & Launch Day

In the morning, we're opening the stage to the community, any conference attendee can propose a 10 minute or less talk and as long as there are slots, we'll give you airtime!

Next, we'll have 8 companies expose their products to the world for the first time! In the past we've been the launching platform for companies like CodeSchool, ShoeFitr, LiveNinja, 71lbs and more. We're giving away more than $30k in cash and prizes to 3 companies. The winners will be selected by a panel of VCs, press, experts & for the first time ever an audience vote will count as a judge.

If you'd like more info on prizes, judges, and applications - checkout the launch page OR follow us on twitter.

As a conference attendee you get to see crazy cool tech at the earliest stages and in some cases, get early access before everyone else. Plus you get to decide the winner.

Apply to win $20k


Rebecca Danta
Miami Angels
Josh Constine
Brian Breslin
Refresh Miami
Georgina Ustik
Shruti Gandhi

Day 2

On day 2 you learn from experts in development, design, growth, marketing, artificial intelligence, venture capital, crypto and more. This is a chance to peek at where the future of technology is going and pick up some great skills, tactics & strategies from people who really know what they're doing in the field.

We are going to have 10 seriously bad ass speakers!

Then comes the after party. We always make sure we have an EPIC after party with plenty of beer, tequila, rum, music and beautiful Miami Skyline. Get to know everyone from the conference...


Rasmus Andersson

Designer, Figma

Gillian Morris

Founder, Hitlist

Stonly Baptiste

Partner at Urban Us

Ethan Garr

Strategic Growth, RoboKiller

Connie Yang

Fmr Director of Design, Coinbase

Cinjon Resnick

Fmr Researcher, Google Brain

Kumar Thangudu

Growth tactician

Adam Wathan

Contributor, Tailwind CSS

Davide DiCillo

Product Lead, Pinterest

Kenneth Wheeler

Contributor, React Native / OSG

Location & more:

Discount: Hyde Midtown

We've worked directly with Hyde & SBE to lock in a 20% discount for any SuperConf attendees. The discount code is Celebrate. If you'd like to view the Hyde property, go here. If you'd like to go straight to booking, go here.

Hampton Inn Midtown

We also highly recommend the Hampton Inn as it's very close to Midtown and Wynwood. You can book rooms there by going here.

The Area: Wynwood

Wynwood is known for it's endless graffiti, burgeoning tech scene, award winning restaurants and internationally recognized music festival, iii points. SuperConf will be hosted in the heart of Wynwood, right next to a staple in the Miami Tech community: The LAB Miami.

The Venue

We are hosting SuperConf 2020 at the LightBox by Goldman Properties, it is located at:

404 NW 26th St, Miami, FL 33127

Reasons your company should pay for this:


SuperConf is going to give your employee a cutting edge view of things in web development, design, growth tactics and future technologies.


Your employee will be able to share this info with the team when they get back.


Your employee will be happier and you will have only had to spend $420 on a ticket - most conferences cost $750 or more!